Electric disinfectant

Precautions for use

1. After purchasing a mist fog machine, please select the cable and high-quality socket suitable for the mist fog machine according to the national standard, and install a leakage protector.

2. Do not add liquid beyond the water level line, and tighten the cap after adding. Stable back up, you can’t bend down to take things after you lift up, bending down will make the mist machine upside down, and the medicine will be poured into the motor.

3. In the work, when the machine needs to be stopped in the middle, the air pressure must be discharged after the motor stops, and then the nozzle should be dropped. If the spray head is dropped early, the air pressure will not be discharged, and the liquid will flow into the pipe, causing the motor to enter the water. After the stop, the spray head must be suspended to prevent the liquid from flowing into the motor. 4. Do not switch frequently, so as not to damage the switch and the motor. When you hear an abnormal sound or smell when you use it, stop the machine immediately and cut off the power.

5. After use, it should be placed in a cool and dry place to prevent sun exposure from accelerating the aging of plastics. If it is not used for a long time in summer, it should be turned on frequently to preheat and drive moisture to prevent motor corrosion and damage.

6. Keep the mist sprayer dry. It is strictly forbidden to operate the power switch with wet hands to avoid electric shock.

7. Warning: It may hurt yourself or others, users should read the manual carefully before use. If there is anything unclear, please contact the supplier or the factory directly. The factory is not responsible for accidents caused by abnormal use. The warranty period for the main parts of the machine (medicine box, motor) is 12 months.