Ultra low volume sprayer

Scope of application:

Disinfect and kill insects in hotels, guesthouses, shopping malls, restaurants, homes, etc .;

Sterilization and disinfection in public places such as hospitals, schools, theaters, etc .;

Cars, trains, ships, airplanes, warehouse greenhouses, greenhouses, livestock and poultry farms, etc.


  1. Close the throttle valve, pull out the power plug, and press the switch to the O (OFF) position, unscrew the medicine box cover, add less than 7 liters of volume, according to the requirements of the use of the proportion of liquid, tighten the medicine box cover.
  1. Insert the power socket, unscrew the throttle valve to the appropriate position, hang the machine with a hand or one shoulder, hold the spray head, and press the switch to the I (ON) position. The machine will be automatically controlled by the intelligent board and slowly started, spraying the medicine mist. Press the switch to the O (OFF) position, the machine will automatically shut down and the work is completed.
  1. Rotate the throttle valve to adjust the size and amount of mist particles. Rotate the throttle valve counterclockwise to increase the mist volume and the mist particles. Turn the throttle valve clockwise to reduce the mist volume and the mist particles until the mist volume is 0 and the mist particle size is 0.
  1. After use, the throttle valve must be turned clockwise to close to prevent the liquid from flowing out.
  1. When the medicine box cover is tightened and sealed, the mist volume and fog particles become larger, and when the medicine box cover is not completely sealed, the mist volume and fog particles become smaller. In order for the product to exhibit high performance, be sure to tighten the sealed medicine box cover.
  1. Please read the notes carefully.


  1. This sprayer is not allowed to spray or fill in flammable, explosive and highly corrosive substances, such as alcohol, gasoline, benzene and high-concentration disinfectant (disinfectant must be diluted before use).
  1. Please do not use the sprayer in a closed room. After spraying, you can close the doors and windows to increase the application effect and protect your health.
  1. It is forbidden to use Tianna water or gasoline to clean the sprayer. When cleaning the surface of the machine with water or other neutral detergents, please pay attention not to let water or neutral detergent flow into the motor housing.
  1. Every time you use it, you must pour out the unused liquid medicine, and pay attention not to pollute the environment. It is very important and necessary to add fresh water to the medicine box and start spraying for about 0.5-1 minutes to clean the machine pipeline to avoid the chemical solution corroding the machine and increasing the service life of the machine.
  1. It is forbidden to place it in a high temperature environment or under the sun for a long time to avoid the machine being roasted until it is deformed, discolored or cracked.
  1. It is forbidden to pull the power cord to pull off the plug and cut off the power. Hold the rubber position of the plug with your hand to pull the plug.